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Doze off

watching my peers

fade off in everyday numb

I drink I go out I gaze out the window

I gaze off

I watch my peers drown at sea

their babies in their arms

I watch my peers

go out at sea to vacate

I watch the kid in me watching me

she says are you me?

I don't recognise my self in me in you

I watch my peers reject

I have no space for their love they see

they have no space for me

I have no space for the child in me

and I sing and I play and I doze off

in front of a screen

I do what I can to doze off

doze off

I watch my peers

doze off at sea

I refuse, I want to keep clean

I stay at my screen

dozing off

I do what I can

at dozing off

love is lost

they are not to be trusted

they do not wish to fly free

it is a prerequisite to love

to hold hands, cut and run

build a getaway in together

dozing off in authority

obliterate the dad

they had responsibility

in dozing off in front of love

and beat and scream

it's for your own sake kid

go ahead and doze off

love is lost in oblivion

dozing off in desperation

love is lost

dozing off at sea

love is lost

dozing off

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